Self Publishing Companies – How They Can Help You

Self-publishing isn't as simple as it seems to those who have tried it. Self-publishing companies would not be needed if it was too easy to self publish your book. There's no doubt that the basic act of self-publishing your book, especially in electronic format on the Internet, can be very straightforward.

Successfully selling it or creating a standout professional packaging for it, however, is another matter. Let's take a look at the services that self-publishing companies offer for self-publishers who want writing and to publish not to be a hobby but a serious career.


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Formatting and Cover Design

The cover is a key factor in whether casual readers notice your book. If you want to publish a professional product, it is important to use correct text formatting and layout. These services are offered by most self-publishing companies.

Copy Editing

This is a crucial step for serious authors and is often overlooked. Editing your work can remove obvious errors that could annoy readers. It also helps to turn away any serious publishers who might want to purchase your book. This service is offered by self-publishing companies.

Digital File Conversion

The Internet is perhaps the most important tool for self-publishing right now. Although digital file conversion is as simple as exporting your document as a PDF, there are many other factors. Amazon and their Kindle stores require a certain format. Some self-publishing companies can help you prepare and convert your book to this format.


If your book is not known, no one will buy it. Self-publishing will largely leave you with the marketing and promotion tasks, so you need to be ready for it. Self-publishing companies can help you market and distribute your work. Some even have the ability to create marketing materials or press kits for your book.

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