The Difference Between Sativas and Indicas

The best way for you to fully understand the benefits of cannabis Sativa is to compare its qualities to the competition, indica. While the marijuana science community still debates some of these terms today, here are some key differences to note:


Sativa strains plants are taller and have thinner leaves and longer growing seasons than their competition, however, they produce smaller yields than the indica sister subspecies. Indicas grow shorter and wider and thrive in colder climates than sativas could withstand.

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Sativas are, for the most part, sweeter and fruitier in aroma, while indicas are musky and earthy. Their flavors offer the opposite sensations, however.


Knowing the type of bud that you are purchasing can help you plan your post-smoking session activities. If you want to still have a productive day after using, we highly recommend sativas over indicas. Indicas will most likely have a lazy effect on your body and make you feel like lounging around on the couch for a while.

Recommended Use

Due to the distinct differences in their effects, cannabis Sativa and cannabis indica have different recommended usages for medical and recreational use. For example, the focus-inducing qualities of Sativa make it the ideal candidate for patients with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).

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