Tips For Packing Clothes Hangers

Moving to a new place can be pretty rough. There are a lot of things that need to be packed and some things are weirdly shaped, not lending themselves very well to packing. 

One of these awkwardly shaped things are clothes hangers. They just have a shape that doesn't fit very well in many boxes, bags or suitcases. However, there are some companies like Henkerman – Classic Hanger Collection whose hangers are easily packed in bags.

Packing is a stress that sometimes you just don't want to deal with. If the hanger isn't worth the hassle of packing it, maybe you should just buy more after moving. This probably won't apply to your nicer hangers, like wooden ones, or suit hangers.

There are a couple of good ways of packing the hangers. If you want to pack them with the clothes on, then choose large wardrobe boxes that are made for moving. You can hang your clothes on the hangers in the wardrobe boxes and there you go. 

Another good option is to take all of the clothes off and then sort by shape, such as all of the wooden hangers. You could also use plastic wrap or large rubber bands to secure the similarly shaped items together.

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