Visible Orthodontics Treatment in Kapolei- A Solution For Perfect Smile

If you think that going through orthodontic treatment for uneven, crowded or gapped teeth is for aesthetic purposes only, this piece of misinformation will be putting your well-being in jeopardy.

Previously, arch wires were linked to huge metal bands that enveloped each tooth. This process was very painful on the patients because it exerted a lot of pressure on the teeth every time the braces would be attached or adjusted.

Currently though, the process has been made more convenient and arch wires are now linked to small metal or ceramic brackets that are placed in front of the jaw.

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Moreover, you can also choose where to position your braces, either in front of the teeth or on the inside as in the case of lingual braces. If you want the braces to be completely hidden, lingual braces may be ideal for you.

However, it is best to discuss this option with your dentist as it may not be suitable for you.

Oftentimes, dentists advise their patients to wear retainers after braces. Now retainers hold the teeth in their position after they have been aligned.

They can be made from wire or clear plastic and fashioned according to a color or design of the patient's choice.

So retainers may be placed permanently or worn only during a certain time of the day. So initially the dentist may advice the patient to wear the retainers every day and night.

With time however, they can wear retainers only at night during sleep. Truly speaking, braces can make your teeth alignment proper and straight.

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