PTSD Festers In Children Whose Parents Fail To Identify Symptoms

The menace of a post-traumatic anxiety disorder (PTSD) has been brought to public attention by war veterans in the country.

It's a psychological disorder that normally develops after a traumatic ordeal involving bodily injury or the threat of risk. To know about the best ptsd treatment visit

Therefore, it's fairly common among people suffering from this illness to witness a selection of symptoms, like flashbacks, nightmares, severe anxiety, excessive bad thinking, etc..

A person doesn't have to get physically hurt to develop PTSD, even seeing a relative, friend, or even a stranger getting hurt or threatened can trigger this condition. Contrary to the conventional school of thought, PTSD not only occurs in adults or war veterans but is also a lot more prevalent in children and teens.

In actuality, those who undergo the severest forms of injury, such as violence, assault, etc., often exhibit the greatest levels of PTSD symptoms.

Based on their age, the effects of PTSD vary among kids. Furthermore, exposure to traumatic experiences contributes to a decrease in intelligence quotient (IQ), reading ability, and overall school performance among children.

Another aspect of PTSD among kids is that such a painful illness contributes to diminished social competence and increased rejection by peers.

Kinds of trauma prevalent in adolescents

Based on the research, approximately 15 percent to 43 percent of women and 14 percent to 43 percent of boys encounter at least one injury in their youth. Trauma experienced by children and adolescents is a bit different from those seen by adults. Normally, adolescents experience an injury at two levels.

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