Tips For Checking Your Cars Exhaust System

How do you know that your exhaust needs changing? What are the warning signs that you should be looking out for, and are there any simple tests that you can perform?

Below you will find more helpful hints for checking your exhaust system issues:- 

Simple Exhaust Checks

There are a number of easy exhaust checks that can be undertaken by someone with limited mechanical knowledge. We would always recommend that you wear eye and hand protection whilst checking your exhaust. These checks are as follows:

Scrape away surface rust – Brush off the rust from the exhaust system and inspect it for small holes. These can draw in air from outside the system, igniting any unburnt fuel, which could cause a backfire in the exhaust and further damage to your car.

Inspect joints and connections – Here you are looking for streaks of soot and black marks around the connections and flanges. If you come across these tell-tale signs of gas escape, then you may be able to solve the problem by simply tightening the clamps or replacing them if the studs are rusted.

Check the supports – Older systems use straps to hold the exhaust manifold to the car, whilst newer systems use rubber loops. In either case, check that these are placed correctly around the car’s bodywork and that they have the right degree of flexibility.

Catalytic convertor problems – A sure sign that your CAT is breaking up is a small rattling sound coming from the unit. This may mean that the part needs replacing. The best way to care for your CAT is to ensure that your engine is running well and not leaking excess fuel into the unit.


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